Concrete Subfloor Can Make You Money

If you are laying over a concrete subfloor you will first need checked the concrete moisture, if the floor has a moisture content of over 4% then either wait until the sub floor dries to meet this level or use an appropriate moisture barrier, we recommend Mapei brand Primers to ensure no damp rises up into your new floor.

During renovation and remodeling of existing building, more and more people are looking for ways to convert their existing wood/plywood subfloors into concrete floors. The daily temperature and humidity changes cause the wood floors to move and expand under stress. The joints between boards and rough uneven surfaces become pronounced. Traditional latex-modified or gypsum based underlayments will crack along joints, break bond with lateral wood movement, and often strong enough to withstand the traffic. (more…)

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Concrete Floor Leveling Tools

If you plan to make concrete floor leveling in your home or apartment you need three main things:
In this short article I share with you tips on what kind of tools you need to make concrete floor leveling.
After reading a list of the necessary tool you may realize that part of them you have in your garage or storage and another part of it you need to buy in the local stores.
Here is a set of simple tools for liquid concrete floor leveling: (more…)

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How to Install Curved Stair Nosing

Before learning how to install curved stair nosing, I messed up a lot of material for which I had to pay out of my own pocket. If you are newbie to the hardwood floor installation, do not ever do this job alone. It is best to invite an experienced hardwood floor installer who will show, explain and will teach you the art of curved stair nosing installation.

No need to be tempted by the high cost of the work for rounded stair nosing. If there is not a floor professional next to you, it is best to give up this project. (more…)

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Stair Nosing: Do It Yourself

Sometimes when you install hardwood floor on stairs you need custom stair nosing. It depends on many cases: size of stair nose, unusual profile or designers’ idea. To get this kind of stair nosing take a time because you should order it from manufacturer and wait.

At this time hardwood floor installer and customer lose their time and money during stair nosing preparation. How to avoid it? How to make happy your customer and yourself? (more…)

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