How To Clean A Hardwood Floor – Easy As 1, 2 3!

How to Clean Hardwood FloorsLearning How to Clean Hardwood Floor

Learning how to clean a hardwood floor is not a difficult task at all. The process is just the same as it would be with any other floors, but with some exceptions.

Aside from the fact that hardwood floors really give a stunning look in your house; it is easy to install and to take care of. Sometimes, even simple dust or grime particles can leave scratches on it and may spoil the beauty of the floor.  (more…)

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Engineered Hardwood Floor Glue Down Installation: Overcome the Problems

Engineered Hardwood Flooring Glue DownEngineered hardwood flooring has a cross popularity with customers, builders and contractors. Not all floor installers like to see this type of floor when they are asked to install it using the glue down technique.

Installing an engineered hardwood floor nail down is only possible when you have a wooden subfloor. The Glue down technique is suitable for any type of hardwood and subfloors, but it’s easier and faster to install the engineered hardwood floor by using this technique. (more…)

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