Stair Nosing Installation: Cutting Small Details

Sometimes we need to cut small details for stair nosing installation or other projects. To save your hands during these cuttings you should add couple of rules to your general safety precautions:

Do not ware cloth with long sleeves

Ad an extension to your small detail

Always use a push stick

In this video I needed to cut a small detail for stair nosing installation. As you see I divided cutting process into two parts: I added an additional piece of wood and sorely tied two pieces with masking tape. When I got bigger piece of wood I started cutting it. I do not need to push this detail by my hand because I use a push stick. Finally I got a cute detail for stair nosing installation! (more…)

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How to Install Underlayment Dura Son

This week I learned about how to install underlayment Dura Son for the first time. This material is pretty good for installation under any hardwood flooring. I glued it on concrete slab with Bostik’s TKO adhesive.

The most difficulties were to choose the right direction. That’s why I put glue on small area of concrete floor.

After installing underlayment I start installing wide plank solid hardwood floor. (more…)

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Installing Hardwood Floors over Existing Hardwood Floors

Sometimes customers ask for installing hardwood floors over existing hardwood floors. When you are installing hardwood floors over existing hardwood floors always use a wax paper to prevent unpleasant noise between two wooden floors – old and new one.

The old floor is parquet and it had a good quality, so I didn’t need to make any extra preparation and installed new hardwood over existing floor very easily. (more…)

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