Hardwood Floor Refinishing or New Hardwood Floor Installation?

hardwood floor refinishingIf you want to improve the appearance of an old wooden floor, the first thing you should decide is if you want to have the opportunity to make hardwood floor refinishing or install a new one. To help you understand which will be better, and help you make the right choice, I’ll try to explain in this article.

What is hardwood floor refinishing? This is when a layer of varnish and the top layer of hardwood are cut off with special machines, and new layers of lacquer are placed on a clean surface. If you want to change the color of your floor, then before you apply the first coat of varnish, apply a stain – a special paint for wood. On how to choose the right color of stain, I’ll discuss in a future article. (more…)

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Hardwood Floor Installation: 7 Reasons to Become a Master

How to Became a MasterIn every city there are several companies that do hardwood floor installation. Almost all stores that sell hardwood and laminate flooring have their floor installers. Does this mean that for those who want to be in this line of work, there is no chance of success? Of course there is. Moreover, there are good reasons why you simply must not be only a floor installer, but also the master, if you have a strong desire to be so. (more…)

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Hardwood Floor Installation in the Basement: Give Your Suggestions to Customers

Hardwood Floor Installation in the BasementGive Correct Information on Hardwood Floor Installation in Specific Places

Before you make the hardwood floor installation in the basement of your customer’s house, you have to help him choose a special type of wood and the type of floor needed for this room. Typically, this won’t work simply because the customer has already made his choice of material by referring to the floor installer and he does not want to change his plans. (more…)

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Hardwood Floor Installation Costs For DIY Guys: How to Make Correct Calculations

What Do You Think about Costs for Your Floor Installation?With hardwood floor installation costs, people are interested not only when the homeowners hire a professional to do this job. If you have decided to install the flooring, then of course, the cost of the installation will depend on the amount of time you spend on it. And yet, let’s find out whether installing hardwood yourself is cheaper than hiring a specialist. (more…)

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