What Is a Cork Flooring: The Truth Behind the Question

cork flooringA big question that poses a variety of answers and considerations, what is cork flooring will be answered comprehensively in this article. There are a lot of factors to consider in answering this broad-scoped query regarding cork flooring and some of the most noteworthy truths that include the history of cork flooring, its features and use, as well as its significance and benefits. Yet everything in the market has its pros and cons, it will not be included here since a separate article is provided for its discussion and arguments.

A brief history of cork flooring

This eco-friendly flooring material is derived from the cork oak tree which is chiefly grown and produced in Portugal and Spain. What is cork flooring based on the account of history, dating back in the ancient Egyptian times cork has been of many uses even before such as footwear, roofing, insulation, and as bottle stoppers which then eventually was discovered to be used as flooring in the late 1900s and started to be popular by the early 20th century.

Key features of cork flooring: uses and purposes

Another contributory answer to the question what is cork flooring is discussing the key features that are very remarkable and significant. First, cork flooring is very durable and resilient in nature, due to its chemical components and cellular structure that makes it endure any threat of trauma from heavy objects such as the furniture. This only proves that cork flooring can be one of the strongest flooring available today.

Secondly, the ability of the cork flooring to resist water is another notable feature to answer the query what is cork flooring. When properly installed according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, you can ensure yourself about the versatility of the material especially when used as a bathroom or as a kitchen floor.

Furthermore, cork flooring is a very good insulator of sounds and vibrations, and heat or cold temperature. This is because of the tiny air-filled sacs that make up the entire flooring which absorbs sound waves and vibrations from the surface of the material and similarly with the prevention of the extremes of temperature to pass through the cork flooring, therefore leaving the feel of the floor warm and comforting for your feet.

Benefits and significance

To completely answer the question what is cork flooring, the significance as well as the benefits you can acquire in utilizing the cork flooring should be mentioned. Low maintenance, hypoallergenic, easily renewable, and eco-friendly material has been just some of the remarkable benefits and significance of the cork flooring that can have a big impact on your decision of choosing this product for the construction of your flooring.

Knowing the truth behind the question what is cork flooring is perhaps, enlightening. Not only enriching your knowledge about what the material is all about but also knowing that you have greater options for your flooring needs. Product treatments in building your flooring have been limitless since the technology keeps on producing and developing more and more flooring solutions to feed the consumer’s expectations but you can only choose one, the best that can meet your needs and expectations.
photo credit: kpwerker via photopin cc


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