Hardwood Floor Installation: Where to Buy the Cheapest Material?

Where to Buy The Cheapest MaterialIf you decide to begin wood floor installationin your house or apartment, then perhaps, the most expensive item in your list of investments will be the cost of material, namely the type of wood that you would want to see and feel under your feet. Where can you buy your desired hardwood below market value and how to do you do it? It will be discussed in this post.

As a rule, in the list of expenses for hardwood floor installation customers mention only two items – the cost of material and cost of installation. In fact, dear customers, your list is much longer, and therefore, your investment will be higher. Nevertheless, the lion’s share of the price has always been the hardwood.

If you have already decided on the quality of the wood, to save a considerable amount of money on the material, first of all I recommend you to visit some local shops and find out what is its retail value without discounts. In this case, I recommend that you carefully write down the names of shops and the cost of your material in them. Only then can you proceed to further action.
During your visit to the local shops, always talk to the vendors. For example, let them know that you are going to perform the hardwood floor installation and you like some materials in their store. Ask the seller when they will have a sale on material with discount and what discount you can expect.

Of course, you will find many shops selling hardwood locally. Sometimes in small shops, where the seller is an owner, he can give a better price than the big stores, and sometimes vice versa.
For example, we have a chain of stores “Home Depot” in British Columbia, where we can often find good materials on sale. In addition, only one of the stores (Richmond) deliver hardwood or laminate. This is where you can buy the cheapest new material.

Where else can you buy a favorite material for hardwood floor installation? Craigslist, for example. Sometimes the price of hardwood is the cheapest here. I would not hurry to make any purchases on Craigslist without a specialist. Usually on Craigslist people are selling stuff which they would like to get rid of for any reason. Very often there is sold or rejected material, or hardwood that was stored in improper conditions.

There is one place where you could buy a new material for hardwood floor installation at a very cheap price – a hardwood auction. When buying material at auction, try to invite your floor installer to look at it before you buy. In short, never take the time to invest in what you do not understand and never give up on using a professional.

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