Hardwood Floor Refinishing – What Color Do You Chose?

Hardwood Floor RefinishingI have repeatedly discussed hardwood floor refinishing tips in my articles.  Now you know that when removing the paint layers and the top layer of wood, you have the opportunity not only to update the look of your floor, but also change its color.

In today’s market there are quite a large number of special paints for wood. These paints are called stains.  With the help of stain, you can change the look of your hardwood and choose a color that perfectly matches the color of the furniture in your house.

If you like the contrasts or want to increase or decrease the size of the room or even the whole house, you can make do this by choosing a color. In this regard, I have good news for you: the colors you can get with a stain are practically unlimited.

So, if you do hardwood floor refinishing around the house or apartment, you have the opportunity to completely change its appearance. But what if you need to update the floor just in one room? How easy or difficult is this task? How do you choose the desired color among a huge number of stains?

If you think that choosing the right stain for one room is easy, you are deeply mistaken. This is because of the fact that there is a huge palette of colors for the flooring.

This is possible if you installed an unfinished type of floor, which was covered by a specific color. If you are lucky, and you find reminds remainders of the same stain on one of the storage shelves, take your time to rejoice. Even if you find the same brand and color of stain in the store, it can (and probably will) differ significantly from the one you’ve used a few years ago.

So if you plan to refinish hardwood floor in a room or part of the house, try to find a good pro refinisher. Sometimes it is very difficult to find the right color even to him. So be patient and take an active part in the selection of the stain.

And, perhaps most important: Do not let a refinisher use the stain without your final approval, especially when you have an engineered hardwood floor. This type of floor is made at the factory by special technology. It has only a small part of the natural wood, from 1/8 to ¼ inch, and can be cut only a limited number of times.

Follow these simple instructions for color matching for hardwood floor refinishing and it will be not challenging, but fun.

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