Budget Guide on Hardwood Flooring Prices

hardwood flooring pricesOne can not predetermine the hardwood flooring prices. Finding hardwood floors that are reasonably priced is like a maze. Even hardware shop owners are saying that the costs are not permanent. The costs and additional charges are also affected by the floor type.

Basic Accessories (Nailers and Staplers)

$3.89 is the common price of the hardwood flooring material. For wooden floors, the installer needs to use floor nailers and staplers as basic accessories needed on the wood installation process. It is usually installer-provided and just being added on the labor fee with a low price. In case, one is planning to buy his own, it costs around $50.00 for a box of 2-inch standard staples. One will also need an asphalt paper which costs around 4 cents per square foot.

Floating Hardwood Floors

These kinds of flooring have no subfloors. It is supported by underlayment since they are suspended on top of the floor. This cost extra than the usual hardwood floor because of the underlayment. Underlayment which is used to balance is approximately 25 cents to $1.50 per square foot. The estimated  budget plan consists of $3.89 for the hardwood floor and $1.50 for the underlayment.

Hardwood flooring glued concrete

The price will vary depending on the hardwood flooring adhesive which runs from 35 cents to $1.00 or even higher.

The budget plan must include the $3.89 and $1.00 adhesive. One must prepare extra too for the labor fee because this type of flooring is arduous and some installers will refuse to do the installation if there will be no extra compensation.

Trim Moldings

If one wants an even finish on the hardwood flooring, trim molding must be included in the budget. The hardwood flooring prices for trimming depends on the wood of the floor. For example, one wants a quarter rounds to go with and oak wood. It will cost around $5.00 per linear foot to have a 78-inch prefinished stick. The budget plan should include the labor fee, the trim molding and the basic $3.89.

Installation Fee

This is the main expenditure on hardwood flooring which is the amount one has to pay the installer. The amount is based on what the installer requires to finish the project. The main task is to do the hardwood flooring but one must prepare for additional fees in case they will be asked to do other tasks such as carpet removal or furniture removing. The usual amount of the installation fee including the additional tasks ranges from $9.28 to $10.53 per square foot but can go lower if one do not request for additional task. The estimated rate will be $8.22 to $8.63 per square foot.

The hardwood flooring prices here are just estimations to guide anyone who is planning to have their flooring done. Again, there is no fixed rate with regard to the materials you’ll use. The best thing you should do is ask for quotes or canvass the prices before buying the items.


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