How to Clean Hardwood Floors – What Your Hardwood Does Not like Most of All

How to Clean Hardwood FloorsIn this article we will talk about how to clean hardwood floors, but most importantly, I’ll tell you about what your floor does not like most of all. This knowledge will help you care for your investment.

So, you’re going to install hardwood in your house or apartment for the first time. Long before it is installed, you must make sure that it will look as well in 10-20 years as on the first day of its existence. This means that you need to know not only all about how to clean your hardwood, but also how to protect it from various injuries.

Installed hardwood takes up quite a large area and will soon undergo a variety of loads. Some of it will hold heavy furniture, and its free space will lightly touch the toes and feet of you and your family.

I hope that your floor installer recommends you set the type of wood, which not only looks beautiful, but will also be a good and functional fit for your family. What does this mean?

If you have a big family, then your hardwood floor will be subject to more traffic. The word “hardwood” does not mean that is not soft. Soft woods, such as spruce or American cherry, do not like the extra load of heavy traffic and furniture, because it increases the likelihood of contamination and damage. That is, before you know how to clean wooden floors made of different kinds of wood; you need to know what type of hardwood is installed in your home.

Soft woods do not like not only the high traffic and heavy furniture that instantly leaves deep scars, but in this case, you have to give up such things in the house as the piano and bookcases. To make furniture more solid on top of this type of hardwood, we recommend using special felt pads underneath them, and for more serious things – special supports.
Remember: Each type of hardwood has two big enemies – water and a sharp drop in temperature.

Therefore, no matter how hard your hardwood floor is, try to never pour water or any liquids on it. To wash hardwood floor with water is strictly prohibited!

Protect your new investment from direct sunlight and small particles of dirt. A particularly dangerous thing for hardwood floor is sand. Even a small amount of sand grains can make a lot of scratches.

If you have pets, the best thing for you to do is to cover the floor with laminate, because its surface is much stronger than wood. Of course, the laminate is not protecting the appearance of your floor from the claws of animals, but due to its low cost, you can afford to change it more often.

To make your hardwood floor always look like new, you should familiarize yourself with all the cleaning methods and should be familiar with how to clean your floor with a vacuum cleaner, mops, and other specialty chemicals.

To get more tips on how to clean hardwood floors, read other articles on this website.

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