How to Install Hardwood Floors: What You Should Do before Installation

How to Install Hardwood FloorsHow to Install Hardwood Floors?

Usually these questions come from DIY Guys, to save on hardwood installation or to get pleasure from the fact that this work is done by hand. There is another category of craftsmen who are interested in floor installation. It is those who would like to get into the profession of floor installer. In this article we will discuss the main points to get the general picture of how to install hardwood floor.

If you think you are ready to install a hardwood yourself and are in a hurry do it, you may think that the knowledge and skills that you have are enough. Self-confidence is very important. If your project is to be successful, I recommend you to check whether everything was ready to start work before installing the flooring.

Check out a few times that you have correctly measured the area of the premises where you are going to install flooring and get at least 10% more material. If you do an upgrade on the whole house or one room, make sure that all work on the painting of walls and installation of ceramic tile is completely finished.

How to Install Hardwood Floors on Different Subfloors

There are varieties of subfloor, so you need to know in advance how to install hardwood floors on plywood and on cement. If you want to do the wood flooring installation in the kitchen, bath and toilet rooms, find out what type of wood is best suited for these premises.

To make sure your flooring was as smooth as a mirror, prepare for it a good leveling. If you intend to use underlayment, be sure that its thickness does not violate the borders with other facilities. If this happens, you will need a different type of underlayment or require additional work to change the leveling.

Since the flooring is made of wood, and wood, as you know, is afraid of water, then you should check the humidity in the room before you start the installation. It should be within normal limits.

Put all the material in the room where you are going to make a project at least two days prior to commencement of work. The parquet should have the same temperature and humidity of the room; otherwise, it can change its shape after installation.

If you choose a certain type of material, then ask yourself the question: how do I install hardwood floors of this type? Do I know everything about it? What are its pros and cons? Why did I choose this kind of floor? What technique should I use as a setup for it? How does it react to moisture and hot air? How the number of people and animals in the house will influence the appearance of the floor over time?

Usually, if the room is a square or rectangle, it is very easy and quick to install a hardwood in it. But the main task and floor installer’s skill is to know how to lay flooring in the kitchen, hallway, restrooms, and in the most difficult places. Are you ready for this? Do you have a guru who could tell you what to do in difficult times? I advise you to take care of that too.

Learn how to install hardwood floors

To learn more about hardwood installation, to complete one project is not much. Continue to practice and learn as much as possible about the techniques and the installation of flooring types. These skills will help you eventually become a fine craftsman.

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