How Easy To Install And Maintain Hardwood Floor Medallions?

Hardwood Floor MedallionElegance plus uniqueness is equal to hardwood floor medallions. This type of flooring could only be seen in the houses of elites before. But with the advent of technology and modernized tools, the cost is now affordable and reasonable. This would be the perfect time for those who plans to have a floor make-over. Or for those who want to be different in their own special way because you can customize the design according to your taste. Or even to those who are planning to sell their house, it would certainly increase the resale value of your house.

The characteristic of wood as being elastic and flexible made it an excellent material for flooring. Wood floorings come in different dimension, design and styles.

In the case of hardwood floor medallions, they usually become the center and main focal point inside the house. But you don’t have to follow this rule as they could be placed anywhere. Just follow the golden rule that they should not exceed 1/3 the total width of your room. It could also be used to enhance hardwood flooring in addition to plank flooring, hardwood parquets or even marble floors.

Hardwood floor medallions are manufactured in different kinds of installation systems. Yet, you don’t have to worry too much about installation. This is because manufacturers deliver them together with templates and installation guides. Exception to this, however, includes patterns and designs exceeding forty-eight inch-diameter. For this case, a sing arm method is recommended for installation. Typically, the installation process involved is cutting the floor first to the required shape and size. The medallions are pasted-down into the opening. The floor can either be new, existing, prefinished or unfinished. For circular designs, installation is done after all the floor covers have been laid. Just take note of the locations where to attach and fasten them. On the other hand, the opposite is done for geometrical and straight cuts. The medallions are usually laid first.

Once installed, maintenance for hardwood floor medallions is just as easy with other floors. Vacuuming, sweeping and mopping are the basic types of cleaning and maintaining the appearance of the floor. Just remember that oil-based soaps are a big no when cleaning. Also, too much grit and foot traffic might scratch the floor that would have a negative impact on the overall appearance. This is similar with tile floors. Another tip, it is not advisable to mop every day. This may damage or even rot the floor. Do it weekly instead. To minimize dust and grime, secure that foot mats are located where family members and visitors can wipe their feet before entering. Or in an area where there is a possibility of liquid spills just like in kitchen or sink area.

Installing and maintaining hardwood floor medallions need detailed planning, dedication and a lot of patience. But once you see the final and general appearance of your house, it is all worth the time, effort and money. You will never regret floor medallions.

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