Installing Hardwood Floors by Yourself: 15 Professional Tips for DIY Homeowners

Installing Hardwood Floors YourselfIn this post we will look at some tips on installing hardwood floors by yourself.    This information goes from professional installers for those who want to begin to do it. These tips will help newbies overcome many difficulties in hardwood installation.

Collect the information on the types and kinds of hardwood, and the methods of installation.  Check the necessary tools for installation and floor leveling.  Learn about subfloor. Determine what type of hardwood is best suited for this project.  Ask how to level correctly. Remember that a good leveling will make your floor is not only smooth and beautiful, but it makes your installation more simple, enjoyable and at least 50% successful.

If you choose to install unfinished floor, be prepared for the fact that it would require additional work. It will need sanding, staining and varnish. Think about who will do the job. If you are, you will need additional knowledge and tools.

To learn more about how to install your type of hardwood, read books, articles, and watch videos.  The first time you do floor installation, never place the material by the glue down method, especially if it is a prefinished floor.  Begin the purchase of materials only after careful planning. To do this, you should measure the entire area that you are going to cover with the hardwood. Then, after a while repeat the measurements to avoid errors.

When buying material, do not forget to purchase at least 10-15% more than you will need for the project.  When you do the installation for the first time, you have no guarantee that you will complete the whole project without any errors.

How and where to buy material? It can be purchased at stores during the sales or auctions in hardwood floor liquidators. Please ensure all boxes of material have the same color, and the same series number.

Keep hardwood in the room two to three days before installation, so it has the same moisture and temperature.

If you do upgrades throughout the house, install the hardwood only after you’ve finished laying the tile in the bathrooms and toilets and paint all the walls. Remember that the floor – this is the last instance of your repair.

If you need to rent tools for leveling, installation, sanding and so on, carefully prepare everything. At a time when you rent the tools, time goes fast, so your project shouldn’t be very expensive.

Do not despair if you happen to come across a situation where you have to think how to do this or that area of floor. The main thing – repeat the question in your head “What can I do?” and a decision will come. In any case, insure you can get advice from a professional floor installer in difficult moments and look for him among your friends.

And, perhaps most importantly: when installing hardwood floors by yourself, pull the project until you have confidence in your abilities, and even if you have some doubts, it’s better to wait until they pass.

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