Concrete Subflooring Preparation

Each concrete subflooring preparation is similar and everyone is different. All the time you’ll face with projects where you should invest your time, power and… savvy.

In this video you’ll see concrete subfloor leveling for the room on the second floor. As you know, ready to use concrete subfloor leveling compound is liquid, so you have to think about the ground floor when you pure it. To protect the first floor you should tape all joints between walls and a subfloor. (more…)

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How to Install Engineered Hardwood Floors on Concrete

Doing engineered hardwood floor installation on concrete most likely you will be using glue down techniques.

If you are familiar with these floor installation techniques (even a bit) you should know that hardwood floor installer often does his work on his knees. Trust me, it is very hard job!

Even if you install engineered hardwood floor on concrete only once (in your home) you’ll stay lots of hours on your knees. (more…)

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How to Level a Floor under Hardwood Flooring

It is not my first time when I show to my customers how to level a floor under existing hardwood floor. Almost every project is different. A customer decided to save money on concrete floor leveling and hire a cheap guy for this job.
After the hardwood floor had installed a sander guy started working. Because of the bad concrete leveling a sander drum cut too much wood on the top of flooring around the door area.

How to fix it? (more…)

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Dewalt Miter Saw Stand Review

I already have one Dewalt miter saw stand (big one). I am a hardwood floor installer and when I work in apartments or small premises the big stand is not comfortable for using. So I decided to buy DWX725B Dewalt miter saw stand and now ready to leave my review.

I tell you truth: I am really happy with this heavy duty work stand! It is compact and light. This Dewalt miter saw stand doesn’t take too much place in my business car and job sites. Thanks to the light wait, I can upload and download it very fast. It also has a style design. Price and quality fit to this product very much. (more…)

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Stair Nosing Installation: Cutting Small Details

Sometimes we need to cut small details for stair nosing installation or other projects. To save your hands during these cuttings you should add couple of rules to your general safety precautions:

Do not ware cloth with long sleeves

Ad an extension to your small detail

Always use a push stick

In this video I needed to cut a small detail for stair nosing installation. As you see I divided cutting process into two parts: I added an additional piece of wood and sorely tied two pieces with masking tape. When I got bigger piece of wood I started cutting it. I do not need to push this detail by my hand because I use a push stick. Finally I got a cute detail for stair nosing installation! (more…)

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