How to Install Underlayment Dura Son

This week I learned about how to install underlayment Dura Son for the first time. This material is pretty good for installation under any hardwood flooring. I glued it on concrete slab with Bostik’s TKO adhesive.

The most difficulties were to choose the right direction. That’s why I put glue on small area of concrete floor.

After installing underlayment I start installing wide plank solid hardwood floor. (more…)

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Installing Hardwood Floors over Existing Hardwood Floors

Sometimes customers ask for installing hardwood floors over existing hardwood floors. When you are installing hardwood floors over existing hardwood floors always use a wax paper to prevent unpleasant noise between two wooden floors – old and new one.

The old floor is parquet and it had a good quality, so I didn’t need to make any extra preparation and installed new hardwood over existing floor very easily. (more…)

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Pay Less on Your Home Makeover with Floor Liquidators

hardwood flooring pricesIf you are interested in changing your floors, you should take a good look at the excellent prices and selections offered by floor liquidators. These companies operate by selling flooring at prices which are far below retail. They can do this because they either buy in very large, bulk quantities, or they buy closeouts. Closeout deals occur when a

company decides not to carry a particular brand, pattern, or color of flooring any longer. To get rid of what they have left, they sell it off at a deep discount. (more…)

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What Is a Cork Flooring: The Truth Behind the Question

cork flooringA big question that poses a variety of answers and considerations, what is cork flooring will be answered comprehensively in this article. There are a lot of factors to consider in answering this broad-scoped query regarding cork flooring and some of the most noteworthy truths that include the history of cork flooring, its features and use, as well as its significance and benefits. Yet everything in the market has its pros and cons, it will not be included here since a separate article is provided for its discussion and arguments.

A brief history of cork flooring (more…)

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How Easy To Install And Maintain Hardwood Floor Medallions?

Hardwood Floor MedallionElegance plus uniqueness is equal to hardwood floor medallions. This type of flooring could only be seen in the houses of elites before. But with the advent of technology and modernized tools, the cost is now affordable and reasonable. This would be the perfect time for those who plans to have a floor make-over. Or for those who want to be different in their own special way because you can customize the design according to your taste. Or even to those who are planning to sell their house, it would certainly increase the resale value of your house. (more…)

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