Screed Leveling Tripods (12-Pack Bulk)

subfloor leveling tools - screed leveling tripods

Screed leveling tripods are manufactured from high quality stainless still material and can be used for flowing concrete and plywood subfloor leveling screed. These quality items have an adjustable shaft to meet the required depth of material.
Our screed tripods include an elongated zinc plated nut and shaft which helps to prolong the life of each tripod.


screed leveling tripods pack 12
Screed Leveling Tripods Pack – 12

Item Dimentions 8″ x 8.4″

Item Weight – 1.42 pounds
Color – Black
Pack Bulk includes 12 items

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Screed Leveling Tripods Pack – 12

You can watch how to use these tripods for a plywood subfloor leveling here:

screed leveling tripod
One Screed Leveling Tripod
screed leveling tripods pack 6
Screed Leveling Tripods Pack 6


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